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Thread: [B0048] - OPEN - Chain Lightning, zero damage on Unhallowed

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    [B0048] - OPEN - Chain Lightning, zero damage on Unhallowed

    So, I found me a chain lightning spell and I love it for the one time it worked.

    However, I burned like 8 of them on skeletons and it always says "zero damage." Ok, fine, so they made their reflex save to negate, right?

    Except, the reapers also took zero damage, and they get a +0 to ref saves, and it didn't say "save" right before it spit up a big fat zero. It also doesn't "jump" among the creatures like it should.
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    Yes I have come across this bug as well. It happens to 3 different units for me so far.. the target doesn't seem to be the issue. (happened on swordsmen, and some other lower tier units)

    It hits them with "0" Electricity damage. They fail their save (in one case it was a roll of 1). It didn't spread to any of the others either.

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