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Thread: [B0047] - OPEN - Slow Time never goes away. NEVER.

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    [B0047] - OPEN - Slow Time never goes away. NEVER.

    Aquestrielle finally got 90 mana, so I cast Slow Time. Now, in every combat with every army, the AI skips every other turn. The icon is not up, and nothing prevents me from re-casting Slow Time, so it isn't carrying over the spell - the AI itself breaks when Slow Time is cast.

    I'm going to try to start a new game and see if it will get better.
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    Just a follow-up post. Starting a new game always clears the Slow Time problem for me, and it seems that exiting the game and restarting also does it, so it's just a temporary marker in memory somewhere that doesn't properly get cleared when combat ends.

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