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Thread: [B0049] - OPEN - Drain Life provides too much healing

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    [B0049] - OPEN - Drain Life provides too much healing

    Drain Life is supposed to take the life it drains and use it to heal damaged undead by that much. Instead, it takes whatever life it gets, and then fully heals every undead unit in the casters army, no matter how much damage they've taken, and no matter how small the drain was.

    1) Get a big army of undead.
    2) Take a lot of damage.
    3) Cast one Drain Life. Even if the target saves and takes like 9 damage, the entire army gets fully healed.
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    Guess I'll bump this one again as well since it makes all combats trivial for the entire game for Unhallowed. It's been a bug since WoM, I first reported it like a year and a half ago. So I'll report it again.

    Drain Life fully heals the entire army when cast. It does not matter how much - or how little - the drain was for. If you have ten stacks of levelled Wights each damaged by Holy Word and ranged attacks to a single figure, you can cast Drain Life, have the target make the saving throw and take maybe ten damage, and you'll get two thousand healing from it.

    1) Research/discover Drain Life.
    2) Never lose a unit in combat again.
    3) ???
    4) Profit!

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    These guys need to wake up and focus some attention on the issues we've been raising here! No dev replies for a long time! (29/6/2016)

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    It's a tiny team, and I get that. But I do wish they'd take just like half an hour a week to come post on their forums and at least let us know if they've seen the feedback, and if they've reproduced it, and if they think they can fix it.

    I really am grateful for the bugfixes they're doing. But it would be nice to know if it's better to keep pretending to be a volunteer QA tester, or just shut up and play the game, ya know?

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