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Thread: [B0058] - OPEN - Lack of Feedback When Building Advanced Cities

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    [B0058] - OPEN - Lack of Feedback When Building Advanced Cities

    MN EDIT:


    #1 - Find an Ancient Ruin (Location where you can build advanced Cities)
    #2 - Using a Settler, start building a city on the Ancient Ruin.


    Unless you try to move the unit, there is no indicator/feedback that the unit is building the city.

    Expected Result:

    The UI provides the user feedback that the city construction has commenced.


    I took over one of those nifty "ancient ruins" things because it was sitting exactly where I wanted to build a city. I forgot that it let you build an "advanced city" at the spot (score!) So I settle a heretic there, select "interact" and it does nothing. Ok, fine, I hover over "build city" and it says "you can build an advanced city here!"

    Except when I click it, it greys out and no city appears, ever. And if I move the mouse it highlights again.

    I saved a separate save game if someone can point me to the folder.

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    Disregard: You CAN build an advanced city, but it takes several turns to do so and there is no useful feedback to let you know that's happening unless you try to move the unit.
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