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Thread: [Feature Request] Less Random Starting Locations and AI races

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    [Feature Request] Less Random Starting Locations and AI races

    I'm playing on a medium world with 5 planes and 2 opponents. (small is just ... too small)

    About half the time I get a good start rolling, about 20 turns in, I start getting swarmed with NPC undead and find one of my opponents is sharing the death plane with me.

    There are 6 other planes of existence. Go exist somewhere else so I can kill you slowly.

    Maybe this can be an option or something but there should be a way for the game to space you out as much as possible and start you on other, appropriate planes. If I'm playing Dragons with less than 7 opponents, I should be "the dragons," I shouldn't find out that I'm fighting the OTHER dragons (other than the NPC spawns).

    Same with Unhallowed and the death plane. If I'm playing Unhallowed and starting on the shadow plane, I expect to be "the Unhallowed" of the game and be pretty much the only intelligence force in the shadow plane.

    Especially with 7 planes and only 2 opponents.

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    Update: I just won a game in 2 turns with my starter army because in a medium world with all 7 planes, the CPU decided to put my opponent literally just out of FoV of my starter city. Killed their units, razed their city, won the game.

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    <laugh> That's beautiful. I like racing against the clock, so to speak, but there's no way I'm ever going to beat your record

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    Turn 25: Found AI on my home plane. Med world, 7 planes, 2 AI. Starting over again.

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