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Thread: [B0074] - FIXED - Infinite AI turns

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    [B0074] - FIXED - Infinite AI turns


    I have just received PC as a former owner of WoM. I started a new game and everything went smoothly until turn 178 when an old bug (from the early times of WoM) returned: an infinite AI turn. I click end trun and then instead of the usual 5-10 seconds of the AI turn it becomes infinite.

    Any ideas? I tried to attach my savegame here, but I can't as it is marked as "invalid form".
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    please send this savegame to

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoverdog View Post
    please send this savegame to
    Thank you for your quick response!

    I have just sent you the file, hopefully you can find the solution.

    Kind regards,

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    Should be fixed in the next patch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wojciech View Post
    Should be fixed in the next patch
    OK, thank you!

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