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    Heya In game, there are items that say "max dexterity bonus x". What does this refer to? I have looked and I don't see anywhere on the heroes where dexterity is listed. Also, what does this mysterious dexterity bonus effect? Is it just armor, or does it play a part in reflexive saves or to hit or damage or anything else? Thanks
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    Dexterity is one of the six base statistics in the d20 system - Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma. All units have a Dexterity value, though it's not as easy to see in Planar Conquest as it was in Worlds of Magic. Basically, if you take the armor and shield off your hero, whatever the difference is between 10 and their Armor Class with their armor off, that's their Dex bonus. Dex bonus also adds to reflex saves, which is why, for example, the basic dwarven military unit has a reflex save of -1; their dex is low. Similarly, it's why elves usually have high reflex saves; their dex is high.

    For any stat, the bonuses work like this:
    8-9: 1 point penalty
    10-11: no bonus
    12-13: 1 point bonus

    The scale goes up and down, but basically every two points above or below 10, that's another point of bonus or penalty.

    Dex bonus is added to reflex saves
    Con bonus is added to fortitude saves
    Wis bonus is added to will saves

    And for most melee attacks, only Str and level determine your bonus to hit, and only Str determines your bonus to damage, but there are some cases where attacks can benefit from Dex (the Finesse perk, if it's still in the game). Ranged physical attacks usually use Dex for +hit bonus and have no +dam bonus. Ranged magical attacks usually don't use any stat bonus.

    If the whole thing seems complicated, you can always go look at the rules. Wizards of the coast made the d20 system rules available for free online.

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    Thanks Pup.

    Nice clarification write-up. I never played worlds of magic, however, I am a bit of an old school player of the d20 system, and I guess I didn't realize that this game was tied as closely to the Wizards of the Coast "franchise". I guess a lot of what I have been seeing makes more sense now (monsters, spells, bonuses to hit and the like).

    I guess I was hoping that the information was not as hidden as it seems to be (ie requiring some additional digging to determine the result). I would expect that if an item is going to call out something like dex, then there should be an easy way to see this. And if I can infer from what you are saying, attributes like Strength must all be in play, than it is sad that we can't be privy to that information. I am a firm believer in having as much info as possible to help make my decisions and I guess I will just have to get used to the fact that some of the key bits are just not visible or require some playing around to really determine what is best. While unfortunate I guess its not game ending. lol

    Anyway, thanks for the clarification, and as it is, had I been a completely neophyte, the write up would have helped a lot.

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    Depending on how much you like to see the guts of the game, you can open up the units.xml file and see all the stats for all the units. You can also make changes to the units, though if you're going to do that, back up the file first. If you change something and break the game, that's nobody's fault but your own

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    I have heard the units.xml file doesn't apply the changes.

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    Yup, went to double check that, and looks like you heard right. All the unit information is still there, but at least the few changes I tried didn't stick (stats, upkeep, and base hp). That's new to PC - in WoM you could change things directly, that way.

    Ah, well. You can still use the units.xml to see the details of the units, which was really the main thing I wanted Tyrus to know. Good find on the change to the xml, though.

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