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Thread: [B0062] - OPEN - Inaccurate damage counters and HP

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    [B0062] - OPEN - Inaccurate damage counters and HP

    There has been a couple times I've noticed that creatures tend to "hang" at around 10% HP for several rounds while I hammer away at them before they finally "die." It's almost as if they are waiting for me to do a lot of damage in one hit before I finish them off. However, it seems that the HP read out is simply inaccurate.

    Also, damage counters are inaccurate. I had a slime hitting a naga for about six rounds, and every time the slime hit, it clearly said I was doing 2 acid damage, but the naga still had full HP. Looking at the naga, it's immune to acid damage. I thought it was merely resistant and I was doing a minimum damage.

    It was also not healing the naga for 2 hp, because its HP did not go up after being attacked either.
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    Make sure to open up your combat log. Sometimes you just get terrible luck. I've had rolls go so badly for me that I alt-f4'ed out in a petulant ragequit (had a levelled paladin die to a 1st level spearman once, which made me want to throw the computer). Chances are pretty good that the HP isn't wrong, you just get strings of bad luck. Check closer, anyway. Plus, of course, basic psych; once we expect something, confirmation bias kicks and and we see it everywhere ^_^

    The damage counters *are* inaccurate, though. Units that attack other units which are immune to their damage do usually show "2" as the damage done. Again, I'd say keep your combat log open (it's really quite helpful) and you'll see that there, at least, the damage should be correct.

    Use Phantom Warriors against Naga (until you can get Earth Elemental, which will be your go-to summon for most situations for the rest of the game). Those flimsy little things hit like trucks.

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    Yes I have seen paladins hit an "invulnerable" unit and do 2 damage?!?!
    Also I have issues with mana drain and life drain... It seems sometimes to work and sometimes not too. I think Mana drain needs to hit a unit with mana to start, and life drain, seems to not drain from constructs, elementals???, undead. But even on live targets it seems to work sometimes and not others....

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