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Thread: [B0062] - OPEN - Inaccurate damage counters and HP

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    [B0062] - OPEN - Inaccurate damage counters and HP

    There has been a couple times I've noticed that creatures tend to "hang" at around 10% HP for several rounds while I hammer away at them before they finally "die." It's almost as if they are waiting for me to do a lot of damage in one hit before I finish them off. However, it seems that the HP read out is simply inaccurate.

    Also, damage counters are inaccurate. I had a slime hitting a naga for about six rounds, and every time the slime hit, it clearly said I was doing 2 acid damage, but the naga still had full HP. Looking at the naga, it's immune to acid damage. I thought it was merely resistant and I was doing a minimum damage.

    It was also not healing the naga for 2 hp, because its HP did not go up after being attacked either.
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