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    Garrison Troops

    So I was wondering if there was any way to telll what troops are garrison troops and what troops are not if they are all lvl 1? Today I had a computer player attack a city that had 4 lvl 1 archers - 2 garrison, 2 recruited. It was a hard battle and 2 of the archers survived. They got enough XP from the battle to level from 1 to 2 (just over a thousand xp). Now of course, when the battle ends and the dust clears, the garrison units are the one to survive. So now I am out both recruited units, and the xp. Now had I known which were which I would have split them up so at least one of the recruited units would have survived and leveled. So is there any way to distinguish the different units so its clear which are which or is it just a crap shoot? Thanks Iedit: I would think this might be possible as it seems whenever I am attacked, the first units that the AI goes after is often the non-garrison troops. So I would think there must be a way for the computer to recognize which is which. Otherwise the AI would simply attack based on rules of combat.
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    I haven't found a good way, except to say that you should always garrison troops that aren't raw, raw recruits. For that exact reason.

    Crank out like a dozen troops that you'll use to garrison several cities, then have them go kill one wandering monster. Doesn't matter if they only get 30xp each, as long as it isn't 0, you can identify which troops are "real" and which are garrison.

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