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Thread: [B0069] - OPEN - Gontar the cleric has no spells

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    [B0069] - OPEN - Gontar the cleric has no spells

    So I got Gontar the cleric as a reward from a building with "prisoners". When I received him, he had mana but no spells and was I believe level 5 or 6. Well I finally leveled him, he is now lvl 8, and looking over the list of abilities I can give him for leveling, I see that I can reward him with Focuser which would give him an additional 10 mana bringing him up to 25 mana total. However, there are NO spells in his list of possible perks. So while I would love to give him more mana, I have no idea what he is supposed to use it on. I attached an image of this screen to this post. I scrolled the options to the bottom since spells have been showing up after perks and see you can there are no spell options.
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