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Thread: [B0071] - Not A Bug - No Mithril for you.

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    [B0071] - Not A Bug - No Mithril for you.

    So I planted a town next to a mithril deposit, and the mithril is clearly within my boarders, AND I have an alchemist's guild, but for whatever reason, it doesn't show up in my resources and my units do not get their expected +1.

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    I can't tell from the image, so excuse me if I'm asking the obvious...

    Did you check to make sure that the tile the Mithril is on isn't a forbidden tile for Unhallowed (in other words, do you need to corrupt it first? you don't get resources from tiles your race can't use)

    If so, are those skeletons newly trained? I don't believe that Mithril is retroactive.

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    Tested mithril on Unhallowed and cannot reproduce (it works for me). Please send a savegame.

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    My god, one fierce puppy...look at you being a genius and all that.

    Zoom in, and there is grass under my beautiful mountain! Mystery solved, thank you! to research corruption.
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    I *think* you should just be able to walk a Hecuva over there. I *think* they can corrupt tiles. I might be wrong.

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    Why yes he can!

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