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Thread: [B0072] - OPEN - Can't control more than 4 heroes?

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    Angry [B0072] - OPEN - Can't control more than 4 heroes?

    When I cast summon champion it says I cannot control more than six heroes!!!

    ...fair enough. Except I have four heroes.
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    Funny story. Sometimes heroes show up for me to accept/dismiss, HOWEVER, summon champion still says I can't control more than six heroes.

    It's kind of lamesauce...because I can't get any of the heroes I want.

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    Well, not that this is a great workaround, but you could always pitch Gontar and Drax. They're both crap heroes, honestly (though even a terrible hero is pretty nice when decked out in good gear and given ten levels), and from the looks of the resource bar, your economy is good enough that you don't need the +10 gold/turn from Gontar.
    EDIT: five, not ten. You know what I mean :P

    Also, keep an eye on any Inns you find as you spread through the planes. They sometimes have champions available; I got Kelithengol (sp?) in my current game very early on, so it's not like you only get crappy heroes for a while and then finally late game can get champions. With a little luck and diligence, you can get good heroes (even undead ones) from Inns.
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    Gontar is comically bad. Like, "Hey, I'm just some average, real-life Joe that got drunk, passed out, and woke up in a video game wearing nothing but the last keg I floated and I literally have no skills, abilities or combat training whatsoever and no clue what I'm doing here" bad. Like, "please don't leave me here, I'll pay you" bad.

    And I could pitch him (and plan to) but, I don't know if that will open up slots for more heroes so it's not much of a work around. Clearly, some of the heroes I've been rejecting are counting against my hero count for the spell "summon champion." That or the "you can't control more than six hereos" is a straight up generic error message that shows up for everything. And people still show up at random and ask to join, I just can't cast the spell.

    Drax is surprisingly bad. Somehow after taking all the sharpshooter/sniper/Imp. Crit and building him up a custom heavy Xbow, he still just don't do the damage of say, Ignir (or whatever the destruction secret circle guy's name was.) Basically you stack up like 5 circles of +dmg on a wand it drastically out performs a bow. He does hit a lot, does warlock. And I don't have that annoying "immune to mundane missiles" thing to worry about.

    I have Ascetic so really, I doubt I could afford any of the good champions out of the inn. I was banking on fame/summon Champion.

    It'd be an interesting test to start ditching heroes to see how many it takes for me to be able to summon champion, it's possible it may never clear up. I've rejected a lot of heroes.

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    The most expensive champions 0nly cost 600 gold. (maybe it was 500-something and I rounded up, don't recall), so you can afford them. You can't afford titans, and the nice equipment from the Inns, but you can afford the champions.

    The only worthwhile archer I found in WoM was Adelas, because of his ability to cast from the Air circle, so eventually he could get Simulacrum, and just copy Simbey or Aledar, which was quite useful. If double shot works in Planar Conquest (didn't in WoM) then it might make archers worthwhile, but otherwise, you're spot on. Just pump +mana and get casters, except maybe for Kelithengol (but not him until Wastelands fixes THE DARN SPELL RESIST BUG) or either of the badass blademasters, one living, one dead. (EDIT: I had forgotten their names. The living one is Justicar Calin Radoi. Still don't recall the undead counterpart) LAST EDIT: General Krull Darkheart. That's the undead one.

    Simbey, Aledar, and Crombie were my ideal trio playing WoM. There are more heroes now, and so some of them are quite good, but if those three are available to you, grab them by whatever means necessary

    EDIT: Almost forgot. Some people reported that they were unable to summon any heroes or champions at all, no matter how many or how few they had at the time. You might want to consider the summon Hero and Champion spells broken until further notice. I never use them and don't have a save game I can load up to check for you. Sorry.
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