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Thread: [Suggestion] Let me place my first town

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    [Suggestion] Let me place my first town

    I'm kind of tired of restarting games because the computer decides to drop my first town with half my area of influence hanging out in the water, or exactly 1 space away from a good resource where I can never possibly get it, or in some crappy location.

    Just give me a builder and let me place my first town.

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    That would make my OCD happy but I'm concerned about how complicated that could be to change. I mean, it's not like in WoM where your capital is the same as any other city except that it has a tower; in PC, you start with bonus buildings and population. Without those extra farmers (or, in your case, mystic skull harvesters ^_^ ) you'd need a smaller/cheaper starting army. Not having those bonus buildings would slow down the early game.

    They could probably code up a new, unique unit for each race and have it be like a super-settler, and give you that on game start. But then they'd have to recode world features (since presumably you wouldn't want to have them show up on unit reward lists, and given what's available from world features, I don't think the reward lists are exclusive at all) and make sure there's no way to get more of them. And, of course, someone new to the game might not even know they have to settle a city, and then have their starting army disband on turn 2 and lose the game. Assuming that the game code would even let you take a second turn in the situation where you have no cities and no tower.

    I'd be happy for that feature, but it sounds like a lot of trouble for very little gain. You can always relocate your tower a hundred turns down the line, spam Slaveworks (or, if Unhallowed, buy any buildings you haven't already built) to drop your population under 1000, and wait for a wandering monster to raze your suboptimally-placed town for you

    Incidentally, there's a spell (Tamed Frontiers, Earth/Augmentation T6) that expands the "reach" of your town by 1. If you think you're going to end up with at least 6 combined points in those circles, it might even be wise to position your cities so that a few things are just out of reach at first.

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