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Thread: Mystic Discipline does not give bonuses.

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    Mystic Discipline does not give bonuses.

    I created a new wizard and started new game. One of the picks i choose was mystic for the reason that i need more power for the grey elves.

    anyway. at first I did not notice it, but later it came apparent that mystic discipline does not work as advertized.

    Now as I am progressed in the game and more expensive spells have come available it will became more of an issue.

    here is the picture of the issue:

    For the savegame.. unfortunately forums do not support that big of a file. if you guys want it, I'll send it to you.

    edit: Same goes for merchant discipline

    It is not supposed to be here. I meant to post to the PC tech support forum. mods, if you can move this there.
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    Disciplines work correctly. Their bonuses just do not appear on city tooltips. Will be fixed. Thanks for the report.

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