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Thread: Domination Spell Bug

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    Domination Spell Bug

    I have screen captures - but having trouble making posts with images.

    Summary of issue:
    Under research spell tab in spell book - as the game progresses the cost of "Spell on Domination" decreases.

    Currently the cost is listed as "1181" and when I click "research" it reports two turns to cast.

    When I switch to the "Magic Panel" the research time is listed at 87 turns (Cost is 70,000?)

    Clearly this is some kind of bug:
    (1) Either it is not intended for the spell of domination to decrease over time OR
    (2) The Magic Panel is mis-reporting the time to research

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    That *should* just be a display bug. Check to make sure, but it was the same way in WoM, which (for better and worse) Planar Conquest is built on. Spell of Domination should correctly decrease in research cost, no matter what it says when you start to research it. I'm about to research it myself, so I'll edit this post in a few more turns (probably tonight) and let you know if it's "working", so to speak.

    EDIT: Not technically a display bug, I don't think, but it still works out fine. It *looks* like what happens is the SoD has its basic cost of 70,000RP, and then at the end of the first turn that you begin to research it, it adds a (potentially enormous) bonus research equal to the research value of the spells you have learned to that point, so you can still easily research SoD in a single turn - especially if you make good use of those consumable libraries that give percentage research. So you do get the cost reduction for your previously-learned spells; you just don't get them until the end of the first turn that you research the SoD.

    SECOND EDIT: Also, I'm fairly sure that spells you get as rewards from features count toward the cost reduction, making the rainbow mage approach even more efficient since the game will never give you a spell you already know, and a rainbow mage will have researched all the T1 and T2 spells in the game by probably turn 30-40 or so, so most of your feature rewards will be better spells.
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    The mechanics of Spell of Domination lead to a fairly simple exploit, as well. Say you've gotten the SoD to become available fairly early in the game, when you've only gotten perhaps 10,000RP of spells, leaving 60,000 for the SoD. Position your armies, then at the beginning of a turn, start researching the SoD. Hit up a couple Old Libraries; because the bonus research will not yet have been factored into the spell cost, it still costs 70,000, and the percentage-based rewards from Old Library means you'll get ludicrously huge bonuses; if you see "40" as the reward, you've just gotten 28,000 research. Two or three Old Libraries should get you most of the way through the research. When the turn ends, the full 10,000RP (as the example goes) will then be applied to what's left, probably bringing your research to a close in one turn.

    Of course it's easy to avoid using that exploit, since after the first turn the "correct" cost will be used for SoD.

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