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Thread: Few Issues: Icons staying in middle screen, Crash, HEAVY UI annoyances

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    Few Issues: Icons staying in middle screen, Crash, HEAVY UI annoyances

    Beautiful UI, I would literally call it a benchmark in mobile UI for full premium 4X game on mobile. Please, sincerely, applaud yourselves for this.

    Just tried uploading a picture from iPhone gallery, your site keeps saying failed to upload. Guess I'll have to explain the issues:

    1) Icons Stay Stuck in the middle of the screen. Example, discord and my sorcerer lords little round icon portrait will both stick to center of screen and stay there. (This issue has occurred once)

    2) Playing game for hours on end, within first hours... 20min to 30min of gaming the app crashes and sends me to my home screen. (This issues occurs often)

    My iphone Specs:
    iPhone 6+
    iOS 9.3.2
    9gigs of free space
    I play with no apps running in the background.

    EXTEMELY ANNOYING UI oversight that slipped Q&A:

    1) When in creation of Sorcerer Lord Screen or Premade Sorcerer Lord Screen... in the section that shows the spells. You **FORCE** us to keep our finger on a spell so that it description stays active on the right and we may read it.

    I really don't mean to come across disrespectful, I know you are a small studio with passion for this game... but seriously, this is fucking annoying. Allow us to just tap on a spell and its description will remain in the description area until I tap on another spell for its description to replace the existing one. Please remove this you are inciting rage. I feel like DasTactic in this situation. (I brought this situation up with doomtrader back in toucharcade forums when the game first released he told me it was in the to be addressed notes)

    2) During battles when I bring up the dice roll log, that black window, if I swipe my finger in there to scroll through the dice roll list, it also moves the entire battlefield camera view. Fix this please, also, do not add a tap down arrow or something to scroll through the log. This *tap, tap* method will take too long to scroll through not to mention wrist fatigue.

    Keep it how it is now, where the finger scrolls through the list to navigate. Just make it to where my finger is not moving the battlefield camera when I clearly have my finger in the black window of the dice log.
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