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Thread: iOS Planar Conquest

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    iOS Planar Conquest

    While watching DasTactic YouTube walkthrough, I noticed that one unit is really 4 characters in a tile, like in Civ or Age of Wonders 3.

    However, in iOS one unit is one character per tile. Is there a reason for this? Just curious.

    The graphics on PC are glorious I would compare them to some high graphic mobile games. Cartoony type. How come these graphics are not available for the newer iOS devices so we too may see the lush forests and graphical detail? This game is not graphic intensive and the newer iOS devices can handle them. 3g-4gigs of ram iOS devices I am referring to. iPad Pro, iPhone 6s, upcoming iPad Pro 2, iPhone 7... etc.

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    "Hardware limitations" is the company line on why the mobile versions show only a single figure per unit. The number of actual figures is still listed on the unit info sheet.

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    Hardware limitations... on 4gig ram iOS devices - really?

    Wow! iPad Pro 12.9 runs two 4K videos side to side while editing one of them - on the fly. But... will have issues running this game in that cartoony PC graphical fidelity? Ok, can't argue with devs they would know better. Just doesn't sound right to me.

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    The game is optimised to run on various machines, not just top of the line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wojciech View Post
    The game is optimised to run on various machines, not just top of the line.
    Makes sense. I would gladly pay for hi-res downloadable texture pack tho, for us ios machines that can run this on higher levels

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