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Thread: iOS Vrsn: How detect global spell caster? Sorcerer Lord battle damage & % not showing

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    iOS Vrsn: How detect global spell caster? Sorcerer Lord battle damage & % not showing

    Omens of the End was cast in all my cities at once. {-20 Unrest} Ouch!
    How do I find out who cast it? I want revenge. I have several lord enemies so not able to pin point.

    During battle, in the top center of screen, there's a damage indicator and percentage of attack landing info ticker. It works when my units are casting spells, attacking.. etc. (40damage w/ 70% of making it) This stops functioning once my Sorcerer Lord is about to cast a spell. Nothing comes up in that info bar.

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    I don't have an iOS version to check, but they should be mostly the same.

    Go to your Magic Panel tab. You can get there by clicking the wand&scroll icon up on the bar on the top of the screen. On the right side of the screen you should see a list of all the enchantments active in the game. Scroll through until you find Omens of the End; if you have discovered the SorcLord who cast it, you'll see their icon. If not, you'll just see a ?.

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    Oh, I finally understood what you meant in the second part. There is no hit chance for a spell - it always hits, so there's no use in showing a hit %. It's always 100%.

    That said, it's possible to resist a spell or save against it, so just because the spell hits, that doesn't necessarily mean that it does anything

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    Thanks Fierce, as always... you're a wealth of knowledge. I hope the devs acknowledge you.

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