You guys mentionned a mid-august ETA when I asked, it is now the last day of the month, we got no new info from your team either on your forums or on the TA forums.

I see absolutely no words from anyone anywhere... so, whats going on ?

Not gonna lie, I love this game, but some bugs still bother me, I actually think the PC version has them all fixed now though... This is the most expansive game i bought from the app store, I am sad to see the few and far supports its receiving, it feels like this version was only pushed for some money to finish the PC version. Yet it was the same price. Being the same price as the other platform I think its in my rights to expect the same type of support.

Will someone answer me ? I can understand delays, that can be caused by many things. Id like Wastelands to tell me though, is there a delay ? Whats the ETA now ? Whats the reason for the delay ? Some bug fixing not trangressing to iOS properly ? Thanks for answering if you do.