Does anyone have any suggestions on the following PS4 trophies? I am wondering if they are broken or if I am just missing something obvious.

1. Cobbler Dratewka - Kill a Drake with a Settler unit

I've successfully killed a Doom Drake and a Sky Drake with a settler with a killing blow but no joy. There is no generic "Drake" in the game that I can see so I was really surprised when the Sky Drake did not work. Is it possibility supposed to be a Fire Drake or Dracolich?

2. Earth Wind & Fire - Achieve tier 9 in all elemental circles

I do not understand this one. I don't see a way to get tier 9 spells in all 6 elemental circles in one game so I tried getting to one tier 9 elemental circle spell in 6 different games. This did not work. Anyone understand the requirements for this?

3. A bolt from the blue - Kill an enemy hero on the world map

This one seems really straight forward, only I cannot seem to get it to unlock. I've defeated a hero of the opposing Sorcerer Lord's army while in a city, and I've also done it while they were part of an army moving about the world map.

4. Best Friends Forever - Make an alliance with another Sorcerer Lord

I have not figured out how to get this to work; they always refuse when I ask for one.

5. Death from above - Conquer a city with army commanded by Vendral

This one has me wondering whether it is possible for Vendral to appear at all. I've tried many many times and have found all of the other heroes many times over but never this one. The manual actually lists the name as Ven'Dral.