While playing in the town interface menu town #3(humans) copied itself over town #2(draconians). The population amount and race changed to match the "overwriter" while the enchantments didn't get overwritten. The two towns could be issued new build orders and the population can be set to different farm/production/sage ratios.

On the town map town #3 & #2 icons still looked the same. From the world map I could access town #3. From the world map town #2 could not be accessed. When trying to access #2 by double clicking on the icon the screen would flash and the town interface menu window would not show.

I am not sure if the error was due to too many enchantments or to the tamed frontier (which increases a city's area of influence) spells overlapping the cities' boundries or too much save scumming.

When the errors occurred I tried to load an earlier game and the error repeated itself.

This error caused me to abandon the game and uninstall/delete files/redownload/reinstall the game.