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Thread: Driving License and automobile possession in Saudi Arabia

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    Driving License and automobile possession in Saudi Arabia

    I may shortly be moving to Saudi Arabia for good, wherever i'm aware i will be able to want an area driver's license. i think this may be what is known as a personal driver's license.

    I've been told and from on-line searches I notice similar, that with a personal license I cannot de jure drive a pickup.
    Can anybody make sure this?

    I additionally understood that cars'SUVs with over five seats will solely be closely-held by somebody with a family.

    If somebody may please clarify these points it'd be nice. Thanks

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    How about supplements in Saudi Arabia? Can i just order them online on Liftmode, like i normally do:
    Or are there any regulations which make supplements unavaiable? Can i still driver while under the influence of supplements?
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