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Thread: [Feature Request] Show Purify Ability

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    [Feature Request] Show Purify Ability

    I'm finally trying my first game of PC on the PC.
    I picked Draconians as my race.
    I've moved a Spellsword over a corrupted tile, can't purify.
    I've moved an Elementalist over a corrupted tile, can't purify.

    How do Draconians purify???

    I hear WI has been asked to include the Build Siphon ability in the unit's abilities list. Purify need to be shown there too. Through trial and error I figured out that Spellswords are the build siphon unit. But, as already stated, nothing is working for corruption removal. Extremely frustrating!

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    Unless it's different on PC than iOS, Elementalists are the Dracs' Purifiers. It's the little tree icon to the right of the siphon one.
    If purify does not work for your Eles, it's a bug and you might want to report it.

    And seconding the request to show Purify and Siphonbuild in the unit ability list.

    Nice username, btw - "forever seeking, forever prepared and forever unready"? Greetings from another Dune fan.
    Going by your number of posts, I take it you are WoM veteran, so I guess I don't have to offer you help for questions

    UPDATE: oh boy, I'm getting old. We had a brief chat about half a year ago already, and I even commented about your name back then.
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    Well, it is the Elementalists. Turns out it's not simply enough for them to be in the army, they actually need to be selected in order for Purify to light up.

    Back during the KS and the ensuing development period, WoM was my most anticipated computer game of all time. But, a slew of UI grotesqueness really drug the game down, and now this unnecessary contrivance. (To be fair some of the bad UI from WoM has either partially or fully been addressed, but unfortunately there's still more.) I only put 23 hours into WoM. Now I have 7 hours in PC and I'm still unconvinced I'll keep it installed. I'm still willing to put some more time into PC, but not sure how much.

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    Fully agree that PQ needs some UI improvements. WoM ... the less said about it, the better. I am glad I only came to the party with PQ, and wasn't there from the beginning.
    However, I do understand that Wastelands focuses on releasing on several platforms first to increase income. Sales figures on Steam don't look great, sadly.
    How things would be with a better game from day one (less bugs, better UI, etc.) is open to speculation.
    Fingers crossed they'll have the resources to address UI issues in 2017.

    I don't know how many hours I put into PQ, but with the guide writing and such included, I am quite sure I hit the 100 hour mark a while ago already. Maybe even 200, even playing for only an hour or two every day adds up over half a year. Despite the various problems, I'm having lots of fun. Complaining on a high level, if you will

    Almost forgot: In all my game so far, I needed Purify maybe twice.
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