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Thread: Empire size penalty seems rather harsh

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    Empire size penalty seems rather harsh

    I'm playing with 2 planes and likely medium world size (whatever is default).
    I just took my 16th city and the penalties started. 16 cities covers a tiny fraction of the land. I instantly went from having a solid economy to having to think about things. Penalties at this fraction of land coverage is punitive.

    I second the suggestion I saw elsewhere to have the option to raze your own cities.

    BTW, the banner still says the penalties start after 10 cities, it would be nice if the info banner were accurate.

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    Seconding the "Raze your own cities" thing, again. We asked for that over half a year ago on Toucharcade, but alas not implemented yet.
    I even came up with a few ideas how the different races go about it:
    Humans and Orcs pack up everyone and trek to a new place; Dwarves turn the town into a mobile fortress, put treads under it and move it as a whole. Unhallowed recycle you into a gooey pile of Negative Energy, while Insects turn it into biomass; Elves hug a few more trees until the town gets overgrown by forest; and Darkelves just sacrifice everybody who isn't out of town by the count of three.

    I rarely play with medium maps, so I can't really judge if 15 towns is too low a limit. The 30 town limit for huge maps on two Planes is okay for me personally.
    However, it would be nice if this penalty system was entirely optional. Some people like to fill every possible square with towns, so why not let them?

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    It does seem like PC tries to anticipate all the ways a player might seek to gain an advantage and then try to negate them. Few of my old MoM strategies work in PC, although it does introduce some new strategies that I like a lot.

    I tend to be a 'perfectionist' type of player, and I do love filling a map with cities just to see how high I can build my population. In my opinion, any advantage you gain from having dozens of cities is offset by the sheer amount of time and effort it takes to build and maintain them. My thought is to use the Expansionist ability, or create a Master Expansionist ability that would remove the penalty on surplus resources. That would give the player the option to expand freely, but would offset the advantage by having to use skill points up front.

    On that same line, you could add 'Raze Friendly City' as a perk of the Butcher attribute. I mean, that's a pretty bloody thing to do to your own people, but then it makes sense in the game world from a thematic perspective.

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