Hi Guys,
This forum has been a little quiet of late.
I have been playing some Planar conquest again. Love this game despite its problems.

Would love to have more ability to fix this somewhat. Some things like tooltips and descriptions can be fixed now thanks to opening up some of the XML files. I can probably go over this. Could I post the fixes to you for adding to an update?

I am just going to ramble here:

1) Obviously there are still some AI issues (AI takes forever to get right / perfected). The main thing I see is late game tweaking.
2) Buffs are too strong especially end game: Fix: Make there a limit to how many personal (not global) enchantments can go on a unit - perhaps 3 for normal units, and 4 for heroes.
3) Have the ability to cancel enchantments from unit screen (Just like city screen removal of enchantments)
4) Have the ability to Raise your own city whenever you want.
5) I would certainly nerf some of the higher tier spells as well (things like golden age from 50% to 25%)
6) mundane resistance shouldn't stack, and I would make it so that magical weapons, and more creatures can bypass it more often.
7) I would also look at implementing a Magic weapon resistance as well (with values kept low).
8) More heroes / Champions
9) consider making terrain affect population more: That in itself would limit how many cities and where they are built more.

I find it hard to think of like armies consisting of like 12 people / monsters that can traverse the whole world. Perhaps each figure could represent a number of units perhaps. It would be good to see it make more sense. Certainly you could limit it to certain regions (not whole worlds), which would make more sense with the numbering. If that was the case, what about heroes? - perhaps make heroes to be like strike forces / Adventurer Parties / mercenary groups. If that is the case, they could be more versatile. Cities should be able to grow to hundreds of thousands (logarithmic growth), and perhaps have city levels instead of population dictate production etc. However I would think just changing the scale from worlds to regions would be much better / simpler to implement: The introduction talks about worlds... that would have to change I would imagine (And some lore as well)

I understand you guys at WI have probably moved on, but I am still stuck in the past lol! I think your new game is RTS - just not something I am keen on (does it have pause though???).

There are plenty of other issues, and perhaps I should just move on with gaming, but I do love this game / this games potential.