We've updated the v1.20 public beta with some more improvements and fixes. You can find the newest v1.201 public beta in the Matrix' Members Club now. This won't go official until everyone retuns from GenCon, but we didn't want to delay your access to it until then.

Here's the current change list:

Saved games from 1.19 and 1.20 (public beta) are not compatible with this patch. Sorry.

• New Features

1. Play By Email (for up to 8 players).
2. Generic siege functionality: If the city is surrounded by enemy units (all
adjacent non-water hexes) a check is made, if it fails, garrisoning unit loses a
level or – if at level 1 – surrenders. This check is done at the end of the turn for
each surrounded city. Base chance is 20%, other factors that influence check
􀂃 Effective strength ratio (besieging units to besieged unit), 0% for 1:1,
10% for 2:1, 20% for 3:1 and so on. –10% for 0.9:1, -20 for 0.8:1 and
so on.
􀂃 Presence of commanders on both sides (+2% per commander skill)
􀂃 City supply value (-2% per one point of city supply value)
􀂃 Air superiority at the city hex. Ranging from –40% (when owner of
besieged unit has 4:1 or more air superiority over besieged city) to
3. Added new sea zones: North Sea and Barents Sea, added Arkhangelsk port
4. Lend-Lease events, creating resource convoys to UK and Russia
5. Russian partisans event (25% chance). Germany must spend PP on antipartisan
operation or face the effectivity drop for all units in Russian territory
during next turn.
6. Malta added (Valetta as a port city conneted with Central and Eastern Medit.
zones) with british division as garrison.
7. 25% chance that Malta will disrupt axis supply in North Africa (reducing eff.
by 25% for next turn)
8. Color, width and style of borders can now be managed from preferences
9. City names can be displayed on the map.
10. Kiel port has connection with Baltic Sea
11. Selecting own unit and clicking adjacent enemy will now always initiate the
attack displaying all statistics (even if selected own unit already participated in
multiple-direction attack this turn)

• Fixes

1. Sea battle crash/lockup problem (ocurring on Vista) fixed.
2. Fixed CTD on autosave after hitting Next Turn, when naval unit were
purchased but not deployed.
3. Fixed CTD on AI invasion (case when invading port connected to 2 sea zones)
4. Bug fixed: Log file stuck after invoking clear method (could have been
responsible for some of the lockups and/or CTDs)
5. Bug fixed: Neutral countries can now execute resource convoys.
6. Bug fixed: Enemy unit can now be shore-bombarded again next turn.
7. Bug fixed: It is no longer possible to drop paratroops on enemy unit.
8. Bug fixed: Fog Of War range is refreshed after amphib landing / paratroops
landing / unloading land unit from transport.
9. Ribbentrop-Molotov and Vichy events now increase War Economy of USA
and USSR
10. End date in russian winter event was corrected
11. Rebasing air units from USA is now possible thanks to 1-hex island at (37,78).
This hex is always in full supply. US AI was made aware of this hex too ☺
12. Vichy france now considers former French cities as its own for PP collection
purpose (which basically means it’ll collect more PP). Vichy event and 1941
scenario setup were changed to reflect this.
13. Fixed unit revealing proceure for disabled Fog Of War (when AI deployed
new units with FOW disabled they were not visible on map until AI finished
its turn).
14. Units deployed by human player are always visible when deployed (solved
problem with using F1 screen and changing control to human in the middle of
the game and then trying to deploy units purchased earlier by AI)
15. +50 and +100 DP added for germany on Ribbentrop-Molotov and Vichy
events respectively. Should allow to get all historical allies in time.
16. It is now possible to invade the USA (coastal hexes were assigned to North
Atlantic sea zone).
17. Increased US and Soviet base PP.
18. Increased initial German SMP to 8, Increased initial US STP to 250.
19. Increased initial US War Economy to 30% decreased initial German War
Economy to 50%
20. War Economy per month growth rate increased to 5% and 7% for democracies
and regimes respectively.
21. Initial War Economy values for UK and Italy fixed in 1941 scenario
22. After War Economy reached 100% it will grow 1% monthly (applies to all
23. Max replecement level is now more sensitive to supply level. Supply 20 or
lower will allow for replecements up to 80% of maximum strength, 15 or
lower – to 60%, 10 or lower – to 40%, 5 or lower to 20%
24. Saudi Arabia now has 1 VP which prevents them from surrendering in the first
turn after they enter the war.
25. “Soviet Union Prepares for War” event tweaked, it won’t fire more than once
in a turn.
26. Magnitogorsk was made a Main Supply Source. This allows Russia to deploy
purchased units even when Stalingrad, Leningrad and Moscow are lost.
27. Fixed a serious bug in AI sea invasion plannig routine. AI used to target cities
that could not be reached due to lack of control over straits.
28. Fixed a bug in AI front calculation algorithm. If the enemy had no units in the
area of front cities, the AI did not attack such cities.
29. Bug fixed: Some port cities were not coastal hexes which caused an error in
AIs amphib landing execution
30. VPs in finnish cities in 1941 fixed.
31. Finnish AI scripted to hold Mannerheim line (lev 3 forts along russian border)
32. Fog Of War recalculation algorithm fixed.
33. Bug Fixed: FOW was not refreshed on paratroop landing if enemy had no air
units in range at all.

• AI Enchancements

1. Garrisoning algorithm improved. AI units should no longer abandon front-line
2. AI will no longer try to sea-transport units to a city which is a pocket (not
linked to any other friendly controlled city) and surrounded by other units (no
place to unload)

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