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Thread: problem to download patch 1.2

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    problem to download patch 1.2

    I bought WW2 from Gamersgate. I installed on my computer with Windows Vista and, after a turn of game, the game crashed. I read on the forum at matrixgames that the problem has been resolved with the patch 1.2, but I wasn't able to download the patch.
    On matrix website you have to register and the serial number that gamersgate gave me doesn't work. On the gamersgate download website the patch is not available. How is possible to have it (considering that, without it the game doesn't work, and I have paid for a working game!)?
    Thank you


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    Hello fogg.

    Bad thing is that you indeed can't download patch from games as you bought the game from GamersGate.
    Good thing is official patch has not been released yet (the one at Matrix is still beta) and it's planned for Wendsday 20th of August.

    We are really sorry for inconvenience.

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