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Thread: Amphibious Landings in Denmark

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    Amphibious Landings in Denmark

    I am trying to land an amphibious German unit in the hex next to Kopenhaven which borders the baltic.

    In the game I am required to come in from the North Sea. I try that and I am with a geman navy and I get crushed..

    It seems silly that you cannot land form the Baltic.

    AM I missing something?

    One more issue.. During that same landing when i was being attacked by the brits.. I hit auto and my whole Fleet dissappeared? Is this the out come of the battle? The whole german navy resting at the bottom of the north sea?

    Isn't there some type of escape mechanism for ships? The German navy could outrun the British any day of the WEEK!!!


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    You should land southern than now. Then you will use Baltic Sea region
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    ok I see .. I thought the whole island was only accessible via the North Sea.

    Are there ways for a ship to avoid combat?

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