Below is change list for our next patch which is already betatested.

We are really excited with the new features.
Mulberry harbors will allow you to supply your forces after invading enemy coast. Now Sea Lion and Operation Hammer can become even more of a threat.
We have also spent a lot of time on AI's front lines and I think we successfully implemented them.
As an eye candy we have improved look of the GUI to be a little more modern.
We didn't forget about modders. Now you can find some more methods for events.
Of course the game is still being polished and fixed to make it better and better.

So stay tuned as the new patch is going to be released any day now.

Change List:

• New Features
1. Added mulberry harbors.
2. Changed GUI graphics.
3. New AI improvements for creating front lines.
4. Added FRANCE 1944 WI scenario.
5. Added new event effect method: method="Hex.AddMulberry"
6. Added new event effect method: method="Country.NewUnitPurchasePreferences"
7. Added new event method: method=" Country.GetUnitPurchasePreferences"
8. Added new event effect method: method="Hex.AddNavalUnit"
9. Added new event effect method: method="Hex.AddAirUnit"

• Fixes
1. Turkeys political strength increased to 80.
2. Frozen units are not able to attack.
3. Added more country specific names when purchasing units.
4. Air combat info box moved.