Hi Guys.

1.30 patch has been already betapublished and nothing bad has come out.
We are planning to give you few months of break and prepare another really big update. I can't say what we are planning to improve but it will be at least as much as has been made until now.
So that's why I would like you to tell us what you don't like in World War 2: Road the Victory the most.

I'm hoping for some fair criticism. Please refer to 1.30 version of the game, and tell us about all the annoyances, bugs and mistakes you have found in the game.
I know that many issues were widely talked about on the forum. You have transcribed already a lot of your thoughts and observations, but take a look at 1.30 and feedback us once more.

And if there is something you like in World War 2: Road to Victory, you can write about it here: