Part 1
Getting started

When we have decided to create Time of Wrath, we really wanted to give as many things as possible opened for modding to the players.
For the simplest changes that anybody can make in the game a simple notepad attached to your OS is enough. More sophisticated tools are: excel, xml editor, and graphic program allowing editing .png files. Of course there is also game editor but I think its self explaining.

Before you start editing anything, be sure that all the files have been backuped. The thing that I do is to copy whole game folder into another drive. You can still run the game and can be sure no data will be lost and nothing will prevent from playing, in other words, your game will be free of possible bugs and mistakes.

It is good for editing every .txt, .xml, and .csv file.

XML editor:
Very usable tool for editing .xml event files, it allows more clear display of the data in events file. You can easily find a free xml editor for non commercial use.

Best for all .csv files in the game. I’m not sure are the files compatible with Open Office Calc.

Images editor:
A Photoshop or free of charge Gimp are good for that. Not use paint that is already in Windows included. If use anything else, please make sure it allows to save transparent .png files.

Part 2 will be about consts.csv file, which is responsible for large part of game mechanics.