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Thread: ohh gibraltir my very great annoyance

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    ohh gibraltir my very great annoyance

    How do you end the game.
    Ive finished my first hard difficulty game. After defeating poland and france as germany ( while running a paralel campain in the balklands , I attained a foothold near the port of edinburgh and subdued england.
    Now its 1943 & i have killed the soviet beast & blitzed into north africa via ally perisa.

    There seems to be only one enemy left & one enemy town left. Gibraltir.

    I cant get the spanish to help becus every time they get closer to the reich they go back down to 28 percent alliance entry. ( without fail )

    & i even tried to use paratroopers and sea forces via getting bases in portugal. They have no troops left since i bombed the place to ashes but without air access to spain i cant land my troops to finish the game :evil:

    hellllp. Its 1945 & i cant be bothered to carry on clicking. :shock:

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    This has been corrected in the patch.
    The thing that comes to my mind is to use editor on your save game. With that you can change coastal hex

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