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Thread: Too many Dutch They are clogging up my wehrmacht :)

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    Too many Dutch They are clogging up my wehrmacht :)

    every turn it seems i get the ss unit 34 freiwill nederlands crop up.
    ive been fighting russia since the event & I keep getting this event. I must have 10's ss .34 dutch divisions by now. Ive got 4-5 ausbilding divs which is fine & 1 or 3 cossack divisions but since I get that event every turn or most turns i had to ask if it was normal :mrgreen:

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    It has been a bug (which I already corrected for next patch)

    there are two things that you can do:
    1. go to your save game folder, open flags.txt file and add entry:
    2. go to /data/events/ folder open volunteers_germany_army.xml file, go to line 1531 and chenge it to:
    <effect method="Flag.SetValue" param0="11124" param1="1"/>

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