Part 4
Land units

Before we will start I would like to write one thing that is worth to remember.
In all csv files, lines started with
symbol are not read by game engine.

One of the most important issues in wargames is army. So this is where we will start to modify the files and for the very beginning let's try land_units.csv. As you already know this file is located in the main scenario folder. Most comfortable way to edit it, is to use excel.

The only file directly bounded with land_units.csv is commanders.csv, which is responsible for leaders.

land_units.csv contains 33 columns and as many lines as many units is in the scenario.
Columns in the file are as follows:

Describes Country ID
Name of the unit (don't use country specific letters)
X hex ID (-1 for X and Y if unit in pool)
Y hex ID (-1 for X and Y if unit in pool)
Type of unit, from one to seven those are: infantry division, infantry corps, motorized division, motorized corps, armored division, armored corps, airborne division.
Level of unit, possible values are from 1 to 5.
Current strength (1-100%)
Strength of units, possible values between 1 and 100.
Current AP
AP left (not used at the beginnig of scenario)
Does unit participated in multi attack
Was attacked
Was unit attacked by multiple units
Supply source X
X id of supply source (should be city )
Supply source Y
Y id of supply source (should be city )
Starting AP
AP at the beginning of turn
ID of transporter unit in naval_units.csv file
Commander ID from commanders.csv file
Is unit in pool. If X and Y ID set to -1 then here must be 1, if unit already placed on map, then put 0.
Impact on unit made by Shore Bombardment.
Freeze time
For how many turns unit won't move. Remember that if unfreeze time bigger than game length, then unit, won't move until released by event.
AI - order
This is for AI purposes only.
AI - targetX
Where AI unit is going now.
AI - targetY
Where AI unit is going now.
AI- ultimate target X
AI unit destination.
AI - ultimate targetY
AI unit destination.
Supply level
HQ bonus
Bonus from HQ
HQ commander ID
ID of commander in neighborhood.
Effectivity from event
Effectivity changes from events.
Number of turns from last paradrop
How many turns lasted from last paradrop.
mulberry remaining time (months)
How long mulberry will stay on the map
Turns without supply
How many turns unit is without supply
Trench bonus multiplier
Unit's digg in bonus
Last X
Hex X ID of previous unit's move
Last Y
Hex Y ID of previous unit's move

All above looks really complicated and annouce a lot of work. Fortunately not all cells must be filled in. It would be enough to change:
Current strength
Freeze time

Rest (and of course some of the above) can be just copied from original units (previous entries).

As the land units are not having ID, it is possible to insert lines without any fear.

Common bugs:
X and Y set as -1 and InReserve? set as 0.
Wrong CommanderID.
Country specific letters in unit's Name.
Wrong TransporterID.
Unit placed not in friendly country.
Two units placed at the same hex.