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Thread: Help please

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    Help please

    I need help, please.

    I edited the German flag without backing up the file first ops: . I then decided I wanted
    the original flag back. I reinstalled ToW again in a different directory, copied the file into
    my original directory, and then went to start the game again, and upon discovering that my
    shortcut was now pointing at my second install, uninstalled my second version. Now when
    I go to start the game I get a windows pop-up box that says:

    "There is a problem with your serial number, please contact support, error 200"

    What should I do?

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    If you know where your second directory is, try to install the game there and then uninstall it.

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    Or simply install ToW in new place and then copy all your content from first intallation to the second one.

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