Part 6
Naval units

As land and air units are done, now there will be something about navy. There are two files responsible for naval units. First is naval_units.csv, where single groups are included, second one is fleets.csv, where is the info about fleets that are moving in sea zones.

Let's begin with naval_units.csv.

There are 9 columns in this file:
unit ID
This should start from one and ascending by one. Remember that every unit needs to have it's own unique ID
Name of the Patrol Group
Owner country ID
ID of country that owns the Group
Type of group, possible values are as follows: 0 - Carrier Group, 1 - Battle Group, 2 - Patrol Group, 3 - Submarine flotilla, 4 - Transport Fleet, 5 - Landing Fleet
Fleet ID
ID of fleet that the unit belongs to (-1 if unit is in forcepool). Use with care. Values must be equal to those in fleets.csv.
Hit Points
Actual Strength of Group - should be lower or equal to Max Hit Points
Max Hit Points
Maximum strength of Group, Possible values for groups are: Carrier - 10, Battle - 8, Patrol - 5, Subs - 2, Transport - 1, Landing - 1
In Reserve?
If unit is in pool should be 1, if not then use 0.
Made Shore Bombard. This turn?
Does unit made shore Bombardment this turn. 1 for yes, 0 for no.

In the same time it is very comfortable to fill fleets.csv file.

One more file will be needed when filling this file. Open sea_nodes.csv file, to know the ID of location where fleet is.

fleets.csv file has got 10 columns as follows:
fleet ID
Fleet ID, use this value when filling naval_units.csv file.
Name of the fleet, remember not to use country specific letters.
owner country ID
ID of the country that controlls the fleet.
Location (sea node ID)
Here enter location from sea_nodes.csv file. Be careful, not to place fleet in unfriendly port.
Formation (0-regular 1- raider group)
Type of formation that the fleet is acting.
has moved?
Does fleet moved this turn.
AI - order
For AI purposes only
AI - target
Sea node ID for AI.
AI - invasionTargetX
X hex ID of planned AI invasion.
AI - InvasionTargetY
Y hex ID of planned AI invasion.