Part 7
Loading land units

In some circumstances it might be good to have some land forces loaded on transports and ready to be deployed.
In this particular case three files should be modded, those are:
and fleets.csv
also sea_nodes.csv might be handy.

With those files and previous parts of the tutorial, everything should be easy.

First thing to do is to put a unit into land_units.csv file.
The only difference is to set it's X|Y coordinates to -1|-1 and Is Reserve? to 0
In the column N of the file a Transport ID must be typed.
To make it properly, a new naval unit must be added.
As you might reember new naval unit should get higher (at least different) ID than any previous unit, and must be added to one of already existing fleets, or to the new one.

At the end there should be entries like that:
in land_units.csv* file:
9	9th Infantry Division	-1	-1	3	3	100	0	0	0	-1	-1	0	77	-1	0	0	0 (...)
in naval_units.csv file:
77	Landing task force	9	4	17	1	1	0	0
and in fleets.csv file:
17	US Landing task force	9	8	0	0	0	5	-1	-1

*All codes are as example while using excel