Part 8
Events - basics

Events are very powerfull tool in Time of Wrath, by using them it is possible to add more Production Points, new units, declare war and many more.
It is good to know how to change and how to make them by yourself.
Every scenario can use the same events or different ones. Which are binded for thescenario can be found in event_files.txt in scenario folder. Inside are paths for files used by scenario. Please note that the directories are within the main game folder.
All events are written in .xml format, very good tool to open them is Notepad++, which is free to use. You will google it very easy.

Below is a description of what is what

eventID – it’s an event number, should be unique for every single event.

countryID – describes which country the event will eventually pops-up. Note that the effects in event can affect other countries. Country ID can be found in countries. CSV file.

visibleByPlayer – if set to 1, event will be visible by the player, if set to 0, event will not be visible.

oneTimeChecking – if set to 1 event will be checked only one time during the turn, if set to 0, it will be checked as long as other events will be checked.

<title> - title for the event.

<description> - describes the event.

<beginDate> - date since the event’s conditions might become true.

<endDate> - date after the event’s is no longer checked.

<condition> - in this section are entered all requirements for event, to properly build conditions, logical opeartors <AND> and <OR> can be used.

<expression> - all expressions use methods which allows to build condition for event. Expression consist following parts:

<leftOperand> - check method is entered here.

paramX – integers for the method, note that every method has its own order of integers.

<operator> - it’s used for describing should the method be lesser, equal, or greater than value given in rightOperand.

<rightOperand> - if not specified for given method, then 0 is for false and 1 is for true.

<options> - in this section, possible choices for event are described.

optionID – number of option in event. Should follow in ascending order.

chanceAI – chance that AI would choose given option. Total value for all options in one event must be equal to 100.

<description> - text that will be visible on the event choice button.

<tooltip> - text that will be visible when hover over the event choice button.

<effects> - in this section all effects of the event’s option are included, in other words it tells what happens when this option will be chosen.

<effect> - effect method is entered here, all of them are described in events manual file. Each method has it’s own unique setting of parameters, typed into paramX.