Part 9

Weather in Time of Wrath is using advanced random generator. In other words we are only selecting region where we should expect specific weather and the game by itself generates weather.

We have got three kinds of weather
1. Clear – default one, no impact on gameplay
2. Rain – creates muddy terrain and affect effectiveness of land and air units and also land units movement cost
3. Snow – creates snowed terrain and affect effectiveness of land and air units and also land units movement cost

We have got three files exclusive for the weather.

winter_area.csv is responsible for setting up snow ares. When you will open the file you will find following columns:
hex x beg and hex y beg which are for the top left X|Y hex of the zone,
hex x end and hex y end which are for the bottom right X|Y hex of the zone. If you are willing to set up winter only for one hex both X and both Y must be the same.
month 1 to month 12 are from months since January till December. Here you should enter a percentage chance for occurring weather in hex within X|Y beg and X|Y end zone range.

Zones can overlap each other, and if total chance is higher than 100%, it will be 100%.

Snow overwrites rain, which means if on the same hex is a chance for having rain and for having snow, and both are there, then there will be snow.

weather.csv file tells you what kind of weather is at given hex and can it be changed by weather generator (1) or not (0).

Another important values regarding snow and rain, can be found in consts.csv file between lines 269 and 276, those are:
Winter battle modifier (effectivity decrease %)
Winter move modifier (move cost % multiplier)
Mud battle modifier (effectivity decrease %)
Mud move modifier (move cost % multiplier)
Those are setting generic modifiers for all countries.

Also every country have its own winter and mud modifier which can be found in countries.csv file in columns BM to BP. Those are percentage multiplies of effects which are set up in consts.csv.

Weather always can be changed with the use of events, so now take a look into part eight of Tutorial, which can be found here.

All weather events methods can be found in EVENT_ENGINE_MANUAL.txt file, which is located in /data/events/ folder.