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Thread: Custom resolutions

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    Custom resolutions

    Hello! I've skimmed through a couple of AARs, and I'm pretty eager to get my hands on the game, it seems like you did an outstanding job! ;-)

    I'd like to play it in my laptop though, that has a screen resolution of 1366x768 pixels. I've had some trouble before because of it being unsupported (noticeably, on a recent Star Wars game), which made the image blurry. Is that resolution supported by ToW?

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    This one is not directly supported, but you can play in windowed mode or mode one of the files to get this.

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    Thanks for the prompt reply!
    Windowed mode isn't the best solution, but at least it's a working one. I'll also look into that modding thing, thanks for the tip.

    *eagerly waiting* :mrgreen:

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    You can also try to run ToW in fullscreen mode in 1366x768 resolution. You need to install all updates and hotfixes first, then download file attached to this post, unzip it and place file GUI_1366x768.csv in ToWs data directory (where other GUI csv files are).
    After running ToW, this resolution (1366x768) should be listed in list of available resolutions (unfortunately I am unable to check this on my own since my video card does not support it). Select it, click OK and restart ToW.

    Attached csv file for your resolution was made by scaling values from other one and was not tested, so there might be some issues.


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