Australia Campaign:

The events of the beginning of May 1942 shocked the allies. The Invasion fleet set out from the Rabaul and Truk bases with the intention of attacking Port Moresby and other targets in the south-eastern side of New Guinea. Two groups of ships, commanded by the aircraft carriers Shoho, Shokaku and Zuikaku were to lead the attack for the troop-carriers. When the command of the allies learned about the enemy plans, they decided to use one of their last trump cards in this region - the American aircraft carriers, Lexington and Yorktown. During the first day of combat, the light aircraft carrier Shoho was sunk. Air fights started next day resulting in heavy damage to the deck of Shokaku, sinking of Lexington and damaging of Yorktown. Admiral Takagi decided to take a big risk and attack using the planes from Zuikaku only. The strike was successful - the damaged Yorktown wasn't able to defend itself and was sunk in half an hour. The way to Port Moresby was open. A successful landing and the taking of New Guinea opened the door to the Australian continent for the Japanese. In August 1942 they went further south, landing in the northern part of the continent...