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Thread: Is this a good Game

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    Is this a good Game

    I am considering picking this game up and wanted to know what other players opinion of the game was, specifically in the following areas;
    - How easy is it to learn how to play
    - Once you know the game how playable is it.
    - How historical is the game

    Any comments would be appreciated.
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    Hello peter.f.model

    Welcome at the forum,
    Let me quote few posts from Matrix Games forum

    From my point of view , TOW is by far my best grand strategy computer wargame .
    It succeeds in inventing new "old good boardgames" rules that seem to be quite historicaly "accurate" and in using computer to simplify all the complexity usually found in traditionals boardgames.
    It doesn't fall in the trap of simply computerizing boardgames rules ( like CWIE and CWIF did or try to do ) and contains a nice part of operational level gaming that doesn't exist in games like HOI .
    WWII Time of Wrath is a strategic, operational and tactical "What if" game of WWII in Europe. It has just enough detail to make it quite interesting without the heaviness of other titles. Somewhere between Beer & Pretzels and Grognard.

    If you're looking for a game that allows multiple strategies, nearly limitless choices and "pull your hair out/fingernail biting" moments of panicked action......then, yes WWII ToW has it.
    ToW is a great "beer and pretzels" game, lots to enjoy without having to read a manual before you play it. It is not as detailed, or realistic, as HoI. I enjoy both games for what they offer. So, to answer your question, buy ToW for an easy-to-play, "I-gotta-just-play-one-more-turn" experience, it will not disappoint!

    You can also try the demo available in download section of the forum, but please bare in mind that since then game has been upgraded in many areas (especially Air combat)

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    I found this comment as very interesting (GamersGate shop):

    By gwgardner
    If you're looking for a strategic-level WWII game, at the division/corps level, this game is a must buy. I have been playing it since it was released, both solo and PBEM.

    Pros: beautiful map of the European Theater with weather and terrain effects, intuitive interface that lets you get right into playing the game immediately, good manual, supply and production system that is easy to manage but has lots of nuances, including convoys, choices in the research make each game a bit different, same with the diplomatic choices. The combat system encourages combined arms. There's air-to-air, air-ground, and air-naval combat. The war can be fought out 'historically' or you can try 'what-ifs' like focusing on Spanish entry. Everythings set up with moddability in mind.

    Cons: the naval game is somewhat abstracted, with sea zones, but definitely has a big impact on the game; no stacking; AI so so, but can be challenging.

    Obviously in my opinion the pros outweigh the cons big time. I've probably completed the campaign game six times, and with 1 week turns, that can take some doing, but it's that fun. Every game has been a bit different, and theres always something different to try.

    Out of five stars I give this 4.5

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