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Thread: Beta Impressions

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    Beta Impressions

    I just wanted to put this out there,

    I am impressed with the game so far, and look forward to a final build.

    I love the comparison I read from another reviewer from the Matrix forums stating SOTP is somewhere between Coffee Break and Grognard.

    I was giving a hard look to WITP (War in the Pacific:AE) but the price point and the level of grognard is putting me off.

    So I think I found a good replacement in SOTP.

    Bear in mind I like to jump right in without reading the manual in detail, so I am barely scratching the surface as Japan. I am getting the land combat down fast, however Naval combat is new to me in these types of games so I am really bumbling around with this part.

    One thing I am confused about is the tactical naval combat part where you take turns, it is hard to tell what ships can fire during what turn. Also what is the importance of positioning? I am trying to finish the job of Pearl Harbor by taking out the Pacific Carrier fleet, but my lack of understanding is really hurting me. So I plan to dive into the manual on the Naval Combat part.

    But to finish my long winded Beta Impression, I am so far really enjoying the game in it's pre-release state. I love the graphics, the depth (not to the point of grognard), the inclusion of special commanders, music and sound.

    I have not seen a list anywhere, if one of the devs could explain what features will be included for the upcoming release this mid June.

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    Thanks for the kind words.
    We are really glad you enjoy the game.

    Currently we are working on polishing functionalities and especially on improving AI.

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