Storm over the Pacific to be released on June 15th.

WARSAW – June 10, 2010
Wastelands Interactive headlines announces that the fleet is ready to sail off to Pearl Harbor. Carriers with decks full of planes, thunderous battleships, submarines hiding beneath, this is only the beginning of the upcoming struggle.

Storm over the Pacific reached Gold status and it’s delivered to the Publishers.

The Pacific Theater Campaign awaits together with ten smaller scenarios including Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal and a ‘what if’ Australia Campaign in Storm over the Pacific.
Command your fleets and lead your troops to the ultimate victory over the enemy forces. Stop the Japanese invasion and save the free world from the Imperial domination or make the Pacific an internal sea of Imperial Japanese Navy!
From India to California and from Alaska to New Zealand rule the waves and fight across the skies. Unite China against its enemies, defend oil fields in Dutch East India and conquer the riches of India.

In Storm over the Pacific the player can take a lead of any country or combination of countries. Waging a war as one of the minor nations like Siam gives a completely different feeling than leading a major power, not to mention a whole alliance. Whatever the choice will be, the player will always find an Order of Battle created with the greatest care for historical accuracy. At the beginning of the scenario, all warships, air units and troops are exactly in their historical locations. Doesn’t matter whether it is Tarawa, Saipan or the Pacific Campaign. The most important commanders of the Theatre are assigned to their units or awaiting in HQ.
An easy learning curve and country specific, adjustable difficulty settings allow both the beginners and the experts. Attached tools and easily accessible files create the opportunity to change, modify and even create new campaigns that can be shared within the well organized community.

Storm over the Pacific makes it possible to experience the real war in the Pacific Theatre in full scale on land, air and sea.

More info, game features and fresh screenshots can be found at http://stormoverpacific.com