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Thread: Iwo Jima Mini AAR

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    Iwo Jima Mini AAR

    Iwo Jima:

    Turn 1:

    Turn 2:

    Turn 3:

    Turn 4:

    Turn 5:

    Turn 6:

    Turn 7:

    Turn 8:

    Turn 9:

    Turn 10:

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    And a comment:

    ORIGINAL: doomtrader

    The greatest mistake of this battle was trying to push Americans back into the sea at the very beginning of invasion.
    You might not see this, but most of the single US units were twice stronger than mine, so as soon as I realized there is no chance to fight them back in offensive I started to withdraw.

    The battle was lost at that moment. I was no able to cut them from resources or entice any single unit.

    So my last strategy was to build up units on Suribachi and hold as long as possible, hoping that AI won't start executing suicidal attacks. Of course as soon as USN will wipe out forces in the northern part of th Island I might be sure they will move south.

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