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Thread: crashes

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    I have the exact same problem. I run under Vista as admin. Patched up to 1.8 but the save game crashes to desktop. Very frustrating. It is a great game but this is a serious buzz kill!!

    PS would it help to always make a new save name instead of overwriting an older save? Perhaps that can help to prevent crashes from saved games.
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    Hi BoemsiBoemsie.
    Could you please send me your zipped save game folder to support[at]

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    Hi Doomtrader,

    I already deleted all the old game save files. But I managed to get one of the earlier saves up and running. That was an save file that was not overwritten.

    Do you need to save under a completely new save game name? Or can you overwrite existing saved games? I noticed that in that case these sometimes dont work anymore.

    What do you think Doomtrader?

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