Hello All,

1.02 patch has been released. Run your autoupdater or check out Matrix' members club to download it on your PC

Change History:
v1.02 – June 21, 2010


- Tutorial description corrected
- Corrected invisibility of all units in China Campaign 1941
- Change SMP event method corrected and now working for proper country
- Corrected CTD caused by unloading troops from amphibious transport in friendly territory
- Corrected all Guadalcanal reinforcements
- Corrected reinforcements event that caused Guadalcanal C to crash
- Screen now centered on unit when pressing TAB
- Amphibious invasion now possible on hexes controlled or owned instead of owned by enemy
- Sea Zones names now visible
- Corrected CTD when after separate air-strike land unit is destroyed
- Corrected flags of North and South Korea
- Fixed info about strength of the unit after invasion
- Corrected PP received by player when disbanding a unit


- USA will use more randomized units during invasions (Pacific Campaign)
- USA will defend it's coast against upcoming invasion (Pacific Campaign)
- AI more willing to attack enemy navy at Guadalcanal
- AI unloads troops more efficiently
- Japan will better secure it's coast (Pacific Campaign)
- Naval AI will become more active in all scenarios


- Corrected place of displaying units in East Indian Ocean (Pacific Campaign)
- Corrected lack of ownership in some hexes (China 1937 Campaign)
- Corrected lack of ownership in some hexes (China 1941 Campaign)
- Corrected connection between Tuvaku Atoll and Marshall Islands
- Added possibility to land on Nikolskoye


- Corrected Naval OOB (China 1941 Campaign)
- Added Air units for RoC (China 1941 Campaign)


- Brisbane Lane event added
- Battle of Lake Khasan events added
- Battles of Khalkhyn Gol event added
- Japan Invaded events added
- USA Invaded events added
- Australia Invaded events added
- India Invaded events added
- New Zealand Invaded events added
- Soviet attack on Manchuria events added


- New event method added Hex.OccupiedByUnitOwnedByCountry (HexX, HexY, CountryID)
- New event method added AI.SetFortLevelToHoldAtAllCost (countryID, newLevel)
- New event method added SeaNode.AddLandUnitWithDest (int nodeID, int navalUnitType, int countryID, int unitType, int unitLevel, int unitStrength, int destNodeID, int aiOrder, string name)
- Added new report that keeps information about using of F12 feature[/ul]

Direct link to the file (except Matrix version)