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Thread: Ideas on how to make this good game better

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    Ideas on how to make this good game better

    To the Game Developers:

    This game has the potential to be one of the best games of its type.

    It has the best parts of “War in the Pacific,” Strategic Command,” “Hearts of Iron,” and Kharkov.”

    To make it the best game of this type, here are some suggestions:

    1. When one unit of the same side is behind another, such as on a front line, and the front unit can move only one space but cannot because of the unit behind it, it should not be penalized by not be able to move or retreat from the battle without the rear unit also retreating. Instead, one should be able to switch the front unit with the rear unit, provided both have enough APs to move one space. This way the front unit can retreat and be replaced with a stronger rear unit. This would be more in keeping with reality.

    2. Even though infantry and armor and paratroop units cannot stack in the same hex (which may be a good rule), you should allow one of each of the air units to stack with an infantry or armor or paratroop unit. For example, you can have an infantry unit on a single hex island stacked with one fighter unit, one tactical bomber unit, and one strategic bomber unit. That means the most that any hex can contain is one land unit and four air units (each a different type of air unit). This is more in keeping with reality in that these islands had infantry and air units. When a land battle occurs on a hex that contains a land unit with an air unit, only the land units are considered. If the land unit is destroyed, either the air units stacked with it can be destroyed or move to another hex if possible if not then they are destroyed.

    3. The convoys that do not succeed because they destination fell into the hands of the enemy should be automatically deleted.

    4. Convoys should be able to have the option to set their own route to a destination to avoid heavy conflict areas. The automatic option of setting convoys should be the default and one can change it if they do not like the default route.

    5. There should be one report that shows all the units lost and the turn they were lost.

    6. Players should not be able to look at how many units an enemy has when loading a game to continue playing it. For example, the USA player can see how many units Japan has every time he loads a PBEM game or AI game. That should not be allowed. Maybe he can be given an idea of how many units the enemy has by some intelligence feature added to the game. Of maybe you can list all the units spotted enemy on one report that the opposing side saw the last turn.

    7. Some type of replay function may be good. But I do not know what that would involve with a multiplayer game. It does not take much time to get used to looking at reports, as long as the reports are well organized and give all the needed information.

    I hope this helps and making this an even better game.

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    Thanks for the ideas.

    We will take a look at them.

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    simplifiy movement and attk commands simple is good when playing games the more complicated the worse there revues

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