Since I see that another patch is coming, I better report bugs now…

I think that USSR as an AI player gets mystery Production Points. I am playing as Germany and have taken Leningrad, Stalingrad, and Moscow and I am most of the way to the edge of the map, so I was concerned that USSR was still getting 400-500 PPs every turn (I can see their start of turn PPs by saving at the beginning of the turn, reloading, and looking at the Country Summary at the Load Game screen). I began running Strategic Bombing missions on their remaining eastern industrial hexes and did not see the start-of-turn PPs dropping that much. They were still around 300-400 PPs, even with their largest industrial hexes reduced and most of thier country overrun. So in frustration, I loaded the USSR as Human, and looked at their Production screen; they were only reported to be getting around 100 PP per turn, and I could not see another source of income. I then tried something different. I played my turn as Germany as Human, let the AI play the USSR turn, and then when Finland’s turn came up (I have it on Human, too, even though it is neutral), I reloaded and made sure to set the USSR as Human. I then clicked end-turn as Finland, and the end-of-turn/start-of-turn supply, production point, and sea battle phase occurred. When I save/reload to look at USSR’s PPs, they are at a normal number of around 100 PPs. I tried this two times for two turns in a row with the same result. AI USSR gets around 300 extra PPs at the end-turn phase that is not in the production report, and Human USSR only gets the basic PPs actually shown in the Production report.

UK is broken with only the home islands and a negative income because of strategic bombing. US is still out of the war (it is January 1941) with only 60% war economy and roughly the same PPs every turn, so I am pretty sure there are no PPs being shipped in. And even if the AI was shipping PPs to USSR, why would it ship to AI USSR but not Human USSR? The convoy would have already been set up by the time it was Finland’s turn. There also have not been any events during any of those turns either when USSR is either AI or Human.

This is either a bug, or you guys built in an automatic handicap that gives 300 extra PPs per turn to USSR if the Human player is the Axis. Which is it?